BaLA- Building As a Learning Aid

Introductory Video

The resources on this page help  schools and teachers create an absolute learning environment that is creative, joyful and innovative.

mseTMZuKIr9H0o4syHq37gA abacus-250x250 BaLA Bala_main_7 bc1 DSC_8216 hopscotch-250x250 i9 images (1) images kids_math_core_1 learning-periodic-tables-250x250timthumb

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All you need is a little investment on paint and a lot of creativity, innovation and imagination , tempered by an understanding of the philosophy of BaLa- Building as Learning Aid

Kindly follow this link to  read up on the idea


Kindly click on the following text to download  a graphic ppt and a wordfile  that can help you design  and develop the School Building as Learning Aid


( A word file of write-up and images on the various ways that the building could be transformed into a TLE- Total Learning Environment)

BaLA_Summary annex-16

( A PowerPoint Presentation on BaLA)



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